WAX Community Management.


You can also click the above button to Update to Honeycomb V3.

No need to remove the bot, just reauthorise it!


Important: Honeycomb Version 3 is rolling out now!

In response to the surge of usage, we’re working on a complete rewrite of Honeycomb

Key Goals:

Improving spam resistance
Increasing availability of admin/setup commands
Faster Proof of Possession role granting
More server management features

Already using Honeycomb?

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Originally WAXonDiscord, Honeycomb provides community management tools at an affordable price. Basic features such as creating a "Verification Role” for users with a linked wallet are free to use, while Role Management and Whitelist Generation use a prepaid credit system!


Safely link your WAX wallets to your Discord account

You can use different wallets for different servers - when granting roles, all your wallets will be used!

Give your members Discord roles based on their owned NFTs!

Grant Proof of Possession (PoP) roles using intelligent rules that can include collections, schemas, template, and even NFT attributes!



Generate whitelists using Discord Roles

Create whitelists for up to 5 roles at a time!

Use the admin management menu to customise the bot for your server

With built in guides and easy to follow prompts, Honeycomb has never been easier to use!


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