Getting Started

This is a quick start guide to setting up the Honeycomb bot.

Note: We strongly recommend making sure you’re linked with Honeycomb before beginning this process

Step 1. Adding the Bot to your server

To add the bot to your server, use one of the following two links:

Administrator Link:

This link prevents you needing to give the bot access to private channels.

This does mean users will be able to use Honeycomb commands everywhere.

Reduced Permissions Link:

This link adds the bot with reduced permissions if you don't want to give it full admin permissions

Follow the Discord prompts and the bot will join your server.

Step 2. Open the setup menu

⚠️ We recommend doing this set up process on a computer, rather than a mobile device.

To open your server's Honeycomb settings, you need to have a Discord Role with the Administrator permission.

Use the command /admin in the server.


From here, you can view your credits and view the guide on setting up a Verification Role and Proof of Possession Roles.

Step 3. Set Up Role Management Features

⚠️ Except for the Verification role, other Role management features require Credits to use. You can read more about credits here.

⚠️ The Honeycomb role must be higher in your server role list than any roles it is managing. This includes the verification role and any NFT possession roles.

1. Enabling Roles and setting a Verification Role

Before you begin, you need to have a verification role on your server.

  • You can call this role "Linked", “Verified" or any other name you like.
  • This role should not be manually given to any users or be managed by other bots
  • This IS NOT a role that you want to give users for Proof of Possession.
  • We strongly recommended creating a new role for this.

After you create the role, click on the Role Configuration button in the Admin menu. You will see three buttons. If it’s your first time setting up Honeycomb, only the first button will be usable.


Click the 1. Basic Setup button to proceed. Honeycomb will then walk you through how to use commands to turn the role management feature on, as well as how to set the verification role for your server.

After you enable these settings, members will be able to use the /verify command in your server to get the verification role. If they have never linked with Honeycomb before, they can view linking instructions with /honeycomb.

2. Adding NFT Tracking

Upon returning to the Role Configuration menu, it will look something like this:


Your Verification Role will now be shown, and the Status of Honeycomb Roles will be set to “On”. The other two buttons will now be usable.

To start tracking NFTs in preparation for Proof of Possession, click 2. Start Tracking NFTs.

This screen will walk you though how to use commands to add NFT information to track for granting roles. It is recommended that you make use of the prompts that Discord will show.

You can currently assign roles by ownership of collections, schemas, templates, and immutable template and asset data.

Here is an example showing how you can add tracking to NFTs with the Legendary rarity from the tag collection.

Follow the guide to add your desired NFT information.

3. Adding Proof of Possession roles

It’s finally time to set up Proof of Possession roles. Before you begin, make sure you’ve created the roles you want to add in your server!

On the Role Configuration menu, click the 3. Assign Roles button to view the instructions for adding PoP roles.

To link a role to NFT information, use the /configure roles role command. You’ll be prompted for:

  • whether you want to add or remove a role,
  • what role you want to manage,
  • and what Role Rule should be used.

Remember, to include anything in your roles, you need to be tracking it!

When creating rules:

  • Collections are denoted c:collection_name (e.g. c:sixpm)
  • Schemas are denoted s:collection/schema(e.g. s:tag/access)
  • Templates are denoted t:template_id (e.g. t:239496)
  • Immutable Template Attributes are denoted a:collection/attribute_name/attribute_value(e.g. a:tag/rarity/Legendary)
  • Immutable Asset Attributes are denoted i:collection/attribute_name/attribute_value(e.g. i:waxelninjas1/Race/Demon)
  • You can link these above fragments using the keywords and and or.

Adding the @Adventurer role to anyone with a TAG Beta Pass and a piece of Rare Equiment: Type /configure roles role and you'll be prompted to enter an action (add/remove), select a role (@Adventurer) and enter a role rule. The role rule for this would be: t:390266 and a:tag/rarity/Rare


After you add the rule, you'll see its affect on your credits and Honeycomb will start managing it for you.

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